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Shooting FAQ

Where and when can we shoot?

I live in the south of Sweden near Lund. 

I have a full time job and a family so shooting will mostly be evenings, weekends or when I rarely get to attend a con. 

Do you charge?

I only shoot “trade”.  To me that means we all get pictures we can use and no money is involved

What do you shoot?

I’m quite open to what to shoot but mostly do portrait and cosplay. 

I shoot for fun so if you have an idea just ask. 

What about lewds?

If you feel empowered by doing lewds all power to you and I will happily work with you BUT I have chosen not to shoot lewds so any shoot we do will have to be work safe. If you are not sure just ask, at worst I will say it’s to spicy for me. 

What about sexy cosplays?

Mabye. Ask me. If we focus on the cosplay and not the sexy it will probably be ok 

Why do you shoot?

I shoot for fun only. This is my hobby and I want everyone involved to also have a good time and as a bonus we may get good images. 

Can I bring a friend?

Yes. A friend/parent who shares your passion can give both support and safety. Plus they make great bag watchers and reflector holders. But avoid a skeptical partner/parent as you will not be able to relax and it will show in the pictures. We are doing this for the fun of it. 

So how does it work?

Well we start by choosing a theme/character. Then we find a place and time. 

On the day of the shoot I will usually arrive a little early to scout spots and we meet there. The shoot usually lasts between 30 minutes to and hour and sometimes more. 

A few days after I will post previews of most of the images (I will remove duplicates, out of focus, tests shots of my feet ….) these images are not meant to be shared and are only for your eyes as they are not finished. 

You can then choose 5 images that I will finish. I usually take 1-3 weeks to finish the images. 

The finished images you can use for social media, prints and posters if you want to. 

When possible I want you to tag me as the photographer. 

Do I get all the images?

No. You will get previews of most images. Don’t share them as they are not finished. They are intended for you to choose your favorites and learn how you look in different poses/expressions. 

The finished images you can use freely. 

Why only 5 images?

Because each image takes me about an hour to complete. And doing that to 200 images for free is not my idea of fun. 

Can I edit the images myself?

No. Unless I have agreed to it before the shoot. 

I don’t want my pictures up anymore!

Let me know and I will take any I have posted down. 

I don’t like X can we change that?

I’m shooting for fun so probably. But let’s agree on it before the shoot. Changing the rules after is rude and will probably not be fun for anyone.